Hip, hip, hooray.

Sometimes during yoga practice I feel like my teacher has designed the whole class just for me. Today was all hips. “Hip, hip, hooray,” she said, explaining that the start of the school year gave us all a chance to think about what self-doubt we’re carrying and let it flow out of our bodies. That we all deserved to feel at peace in our bodies.

The room was all women today and it’s likely each yogini felt the same personal connection to what she was saying for one reason or another. My reason is that I feel like my hips are the last evidence of how my body betrayed me to protect my son. My hips — and the muscles at my groin — feel like the final hurdle between this body and complete return to a level of pre-baby functionality. The right one remains much tighter than the left.

Because of the animosity between my hips and I, every time we focus on hip openers in practice I feel like she has designed it all just for me. It’s nice to feel that way, even though it’s very clear that she does this for everyone each time.

Cow's Face yoga pose, showing front and back
Today we did my favorite pose, cow’s face. (Step-by-step instructions for the pose are here if you’re interested.) It is a challenge to get into this pose and I need to sit on a block, so I haven’t done it at home. But once I’m there, it feels delicious! Everything I want to feel awake and alive is awakened in that pose. I didn’t want to leave it to continue our practice. But what followed was also very enjoyable.

Hip, hip, hooray indeed.

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