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The beginning of the end of breastfeeding

For the first time today I faced the realization that I am weaning my son. Dr. Sojka told me prior to surgery that I would need to wean my son because the hormones that remain active in the body of a breastfeeding woman keep ligaments from tightening. After the discovery of my soft bones, weaning … Continue reading

Imagining the future

I have been imagining more and more lately what it will be like to be in a wheelchair for 12 weeks. Will I be able to do things for myself? Will I feel safe alone? Will I still find ways to be the kind of wife and mother I want to be? Will it be … Continue reading

Answer of the day

I just had a great, uplifting conversation. I called the breastfeeding clinic at our local hospital to check on the safety of bloodthinners and pain meds for the little guy. Our family doctor gave me a recommendation, but I’m a journalist by training and I thought another expert opinion – from a certified lactation consultant … Continue reading

Something to look forward to

Something to look forward to

Surgery is scheduled. We’ll check in at KU Med Center at 5:30 a.m. on Aug. 24.
Part of me hates that I still have to wait that much longer. But it was necessary. Dr. Sojka said we couldn’t schedule the surgery until I had a place to go home to. We live on the third floor right now. Continue reading