Answer of the day

I just had a great, uplifting conversation. I called the breastfeeding clinic at our local hospital to check on the safety of bloodthinners and pain meds for the little guy. Our family doctor gave me a recommendation, but I’m a journalist by training and I thought another expert opinion – from a certified lactation consultant – couldn’t hurt.

Deb answered the phone at the clinic. Deb was the woman I met with when the little guy was in the hospital for high billirubin. I was hoping she would answer. She remembered me right away. (I guess it’s not easy to forget someone who can’t learn the football hold because she can’t move.) During those early days, when the little guy was first able to eat again, she praised the strength of his suck and his “beautiful latch” — that bit of good news carried me for DAYS. It was a great comfort to hear her voice today. And I, really, hardly know her.

She was glad to hear the little guy was doing well, and offered some really encouraging words for me. And – she gave me the same advice as our family doctor.

  • Coumadin is approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics as safe for breastfeeding.
  • Anything with Codeine is approved, and because the little guy is 6 months old his liver will be better prepared to filter, too.
  • Regarding the anesthesia, she said the medicine filters out of your milk just as it does your blood, so when you wake up and feel right-headed it is safe to feed the baby from the breast. No need to dump that one even.

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