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I’m back!

I asked my husband today if he thought it would be weird to bring Dr. Sojka a present when we see him for my follow-up appointment on Dec. 6. He said it would. And I protested: “But he gave me my life back!” I thought about that a lot today. It is so true. Nearly … Continue reading

Then and now

I just realized that I haven’t posted my before and after x-rays! I had a long, busy and happy day and I’m worn out so I’ll stick to these pictures for now and explain more later. Before surgery After surgery — you can see my 13 staples in this image, along with the plate and … Continue reading

Finally, Phase 2

We said our see-you-laters at about 10:45 a.m. just before I was wheeled into the operating room. The last thing I remember is Dr. Sojka asking me what kind of music I wanted to listen to. (My husband and I both like his sense of humor.) If I remember right, he went with the Zac … Continue reading

No more stairs.

Leaving for work this morning I made my last trip down those 27 stairs. I stopped to snap a picture at the end of the first batch (14). Before I turned for the cement, I spat on the bottom stair. GOOD RIDDANCE! Those stairs tested me daily, often determining how could my day had the … Continue reading

Some time to think

Some time to think

I am so glad my little guy is such as good listener. He LOVES when we talk to him, read to him, make goofy noises at him. You’d think doing it all the time would make it less exciting, but that is not the case at all. Today he became a 7-month-old. A bittersweet milestone … Continue reading

So, what’s going to happen Friday?

So, what’s going to happen Friday?

I’ve gotten this question four times today so I’m going to spell out to the best of my knowledge what will happen on Friday during surgery to repair my separated pelvis (diastasis symphysis pubis). Dr. Sojka explained that after I’m “under” and the incision is made, he will remove the disk of cartilage (the symphysial … Continue reading

Parinoid or prepared?

Parinoid or prepared?

For some reason it hit me today that the surgery to mend my separated pelvis could have SERIOUS consequences. I spent about two hours today locked in thoughts centered around what happens if I don’t wake up. I checked with my mom about past surgery on my eyes. Did I have a reaction to the … Continue reading

Proactive healing

Yesterday I started taking a zinc supplement in addition to my daily multi-vitiman. My husband did some research about wound care and the necessary minerals and zinc is essential. So, we stopped by Whole Foods and he got a supplement. (I stayed in the car with the little guy.) I told my mom about the … Continue reading

Some things I will never understand

Lately I have been reading medical journal articles about women with extreme cases of Diastasis Symphysis Pubis (separated pelvis) during childbirth. In two of those cases the women were considered healed with gaps still larger than mine is today. That gets my mind racing about a million things. Among them: How much, if at all, … Continue reading