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On the move

On the move

I did a lot of walking around campus today. I had an appointment, then lunch, then three more appointments, all over campus back-to-back. When I set off on this string of appointments at 9:45 a.m., I was a bit nervous about how things would go, if I would have the stamina to make it from … Continue reading

Suffering is optional

I’ve talked here before about the power of positive thinking. It’s tough. But it works for me. Sure, there are people who think you’re a pollyanna or something when you look on the bright side. But the alternative is dreary and dreary is very bad for me. Yesterday, one of the Twitter followers for @SeparatedBirth … Continue reading

A Royal baby

News broke yesterday of a baby for William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I reacted to this news, which tabloids have been speculating about since probably the day after the world met Pipa’s hind-end, in a way that surprised even me. I burst into tears. At work no less. For the second time … Continue reading

Finding rhythm

I’m starting to find a rhythm in this new, post wheelchair, post pelvic reconstruction surgery life with my husband and son. And I think making it all work is getting easier with each passing week. For the last several weeks I have noticed that by the end of the weekend I’m more aware of my … Continue reading

Every day I’m thankful

Someone said to me today: “I bet this Thanksgiving will be special for you.” It got me thinking. I’m pretty sure this was a reference both to my son’s first holiday season and to the fact I’m no longer using the wheelchair I affectionately named Blue Sunshine. But what this person didn’t know about me … Continue reading

Still no answers

There are still no results to report on our son’s echocardiogram. It has been a week since the test was taken and with the Thanksgiving holiday coming, I’m betting we won’t hear for several days. As my dear friend, Nicole, said last night: “Don’t these people know that WAITING IS THE WORST?!?!?!?” Our primary comfort … Continue reading

Thank you, Grandpa.

Thank you, Grandpa.

We were supposed to be recovering together. As I was in surgery to repair my separated pelvis on Aug. 24, my husband’s grandfather was in surgery to remove a cancerous mass from his colon. The last time I saw him before surgery day I told him we would get through it. He smiled and pat … Continue reading

Countdown to my legs

My physical therapy readiness evaluation is four weeks away. My pelvic reconstruction surgery to repair my diastasis symphysis pubis was five weeks ago tomorrow. That sounds like a good place to be. I am doing well. No pain medication for two weeks. I’m getting stronger, my arm and shoulder muscles are getting used to the … Continue reading

Too much or just right?

I’m back to wishing life came with a pause button. I’m doing homework for the class I’m taking, preparing my graduate school application and packing a ton into each workday. The simple solution would be to wait on that application, even to have withdrawn from the class once I realized I would have surgery. But, … Continue reading

It’s always something

I’m back to work. Back to knowing what day it is without looking at a calendar. Back to getting up early and getting out the door on time (or as close to it as possible). Back to feeling busy. (So busy I’ve had a hard time finding time to write.) And back to dealing with … Continue reading