I will never forget

Because of her, I will never forget that I am awesome!


Do you remember how great it felt to get mail when you were 9? Before you got bills and surveys and credit card applications. Remember what it felt like to get a birthday card or the once in a blue moon post card.

I loved getting things in the mail.

Last night I got that same warm fuzzy, surprise, “Somebody loves me” feeling. I got a card from AG. I’ve written before about her knack for sending things just when I need them. Yesterday was no different.

A crazy weather system moved in that knocked down the temperature more than 20 degrees in just a few hours. My husband cautions me not to assume that I will hurt when the forecast says things like that, but when you feel it before you hear it you know you’re not having that problem. I was sore and not looking forward to today because my husband is on an all day road trip with the basketball team and I’m home alone with the Little Guy.

I opened her card (I recognize the handwriting now), and read her note. Her son has a cold and had a bout with fever. That is miserable for everyone. She’s great at reminding me that some of our challenges would be here, injured pelvis or not. And that always makes me feel better.

* An unsolicited suggestion for Mr. E and his fever because it may be useful today and not when I send you a note. Our Little Guy likes the taste of coconut water (it’s the milk of a young coconut and it has all the natural electrolytes.) Next time he’s too stuffed up to nurse, try giving him that. I have an auntie who suggested camomile tea as well, although because the coconut water worked for us we didn’t try it. *

Then I pealed open an envelope of wax paper and pulled out a ribbon. It looks like one you’d get at fifth-grade field day. It’s pink, with a bow drawn in gold. Bellow it says: “I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT I AM AWESOME”.

How tremendous is that!

And it’s not done. On the back, the little card says:

Awarded to: My name
For: being awesome!
Date: January 4, 2013
Teacher: LIFE!

I love that it’s a happy color and it is screaming at me “I AM AWESOME!” I love that it reminds me that all of these things we went through were lessons life wanted me to learn. Every time I look at it I smile. It’s like my favorite picture of my son. My heart just fills to the brim.

I think I’m going to hang in on the mirror in the downstairs bathroom so I see it before I leave everyday. Depending on the morning, standing in that bathroom either gives me a sense of accomplishment or pulls me down, as I remember how for nine weeks I couldn’t get in there because of the wheelchair, and then everything that lead to that nine weeks. I think hanging this ribbon will remind me that the wheelchair, and the pain, are in the past. Now I’ve got normalcy and occasional discomfort.

I’m not terrible. I am AWESOME.

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