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What’s next?

What’s next?

A few random thoughts to share today: — My guys were home sick today. They both have bad coughs and didn’t sleep well so they hung out at home in their pjs today and rested. I’m not coughing and my throat doesn’t hurt so I’ll just hope it stays that way. Hopefully they will both … Continue reading

Unintended break

Unintended break

The last 44 days have been a whirlwind. I can’t believe so much time passed without the time to post. Until recently, the reality of what we had to tackle this summer truly escaped me. I hadn’t counted on the intensity of a summer graduate-level course. I learned a great deal in the eight-week class … Continue reading

“There’s a way to be good again”

“There’s a way to be good again”

The last few weeks my mind has been spinning about the convergence of joy and pain, contentment and anguish, peace and terror. For so many of those hurt in Boston on April 15, the day represented the best and worst for them. The best because they had completed something wonderful, done what they set out … Continue reading

Three days

It only took three days. I had been feeling really good about my physical progress lately. For more than two weeks in a row I’ve been feeling good and strong, busy at work, having fun with my husband and son at home and staying on top of my homework. But the last three days basically … Continue reading

Apparently, I have C-PTSD

My counselor recently told me I have Complex/Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. At my most recent appointment, not quite a week ago, she told me this as a fact: “You have Chronic PTSD” and read me the official diagnostic criteria for this condition. Based on what she read and the analysis she shared with me, … Continue reading

A great day spurs reflection

I feel like today was my son’s first St. Patrick’s Day, the first for the three of us celebrating together. It wasn’t. My son is coming up on 14 months old. We watched March 17 come and go as a family of three last year. The difference: Last year at this time I was in … Continue reading

They say no news is good news

My posts are a lot lest frequent lately and some of you have asked about this. I am living proof that no news is good news — at least lately. I have so much to be excited about and so much I want to share but I’ve been busy being healthy. Here’s my best example … Continue reading

New DSP Community

This is amazing! A while back I set up a Google alert for the term “diastasis symphysis pubis”. It has helped me find some great articles and other momma’s who post on sites like Baby Center. Today, it lead me to a brand new forum called The forum was started this week by Sharon, … Continue reading