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Three days

It only took three days. I had been feeling really good about my physical progress lately. For more than two weeks in a row I’ve been feeling good and strong, busy at work, having fun with my husband and son at home and staying on top of my homework. But the last three days basically … Continue reading



I learned a very exciting thing about myself during yoga practice today. I can now to the Cobra pose without pain. My personal version of Cobra is probably much like the one pictured here. (There is no way I could do the super deep back bend you’ll see when you search this pose online!) Please … Continue reading

Show me the baby

You know how sometimes to hear something that just sticks with you? Nearly two weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with students at the university who put together a two-day leadership simulation contest. The Leadership Challenge Event takes 11 months to plan and this year brought in 28 teams of high school and … Continue reading

A great day spurs reflection

I feel like today was my son’s first St. Patrick’s Day, the first for the three of us celebrating together. It wasn’t. My son is coming up on 14 months old. We watched March 17 come and go as a family of three last year. The difference: Last year at this time I was in … Continue reading

They say no news is good news

My posts are a lot lest frequent lately and some of you have asked about this. I am living proof that no news is good news — at least lately. I have so much to be excited about and so much I want to share but I’ve been busy being healthy. Here’s my best example … Continue reading

The Universal Pain Assessment Scale

The Universal Pain Assessment Scale

I discovered a new “trigger” this week. Twice this week people around me used the Universal Pain Assessment Scale to describe how they were feeling. “… I’m at an 8 or 9…” I wasn’t directly involved in the conversations but I could hear them. The first time I had to leave the room to calm … Continue reading

New DSP Community

This is amazing! A while back I set up a Google alert for the term “diastasis symphysis pubis”. It has helped me find some great articles and other momma’s who post on sites like Baby Center. Today, it lead me to a brand new forum called SymphysisPubis.com. The forum was started this week by Sharon, … Continue reading

Post-Op: Six months later

I am going to sleep with my heating pad tonight. Pretty sore for the last two hours or so and I’m again going to blame the weather. We’ve got another strom – and the potential for a foot of snow – on the way. But I needed to take a minute to recognize that Feb. … Continue reading

Playing in the snow

Playing in the snow

It has been a crazy week here in “Oz”. We got more than nine inches of snow on Wednesday night into Thursday morning and more Thursday afternoon. It closed our campus for Thursday and Friday. And that meant this new momma who grew up in North Dakota got to take her little one to play … Continue reading

Six months later

It has been six months since my first blog post. No, this will not be a confession of any kind. But it will be a chance to reflect on how different things are for my husband, the Little Guy and me. On August 5, when I started this blog, I was awaiting surgery to repair … Continue reading