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Pushing through

I have decided – based purely on this experience with Blue Sunshine – that a human is not meant to sit all of the time. As my recovery from pelvic reconstruction surgery and diastasis symphysis pubis continues, my newest challenge is the tightness in my muscles. I feel as though there are cinder blocks on … Continue reading


According to the state, I am “disabled”. Sitting at the DMV office this afternoon with my husband was a lot more emotional than I figured it would be. Pretty much everything about Blue Sunshine and not being able to use my legs has felt like an emotional upper-cut, actually. My handicap parking permit is valid … Continue reading

Wheelchair, work and worry

I’m frustrated. We had a house full this weekend. It was amazingly welcome and surprisingly trying all at once. All of our visitors are among my favorite people. They came ready to work, hug and pamper me. They were happy, excited and hungry to make my life easier. Can’t beat that. But. Unpacking meant figuring … Continue reading

Bath time

Today was a good day for a bath. Company’s coming, see, and I don’t want to look greasy. My sister and her two girls and a dear college friend and her fiancĂ© are on the way to my apartment as I write this. Today was just my second head-to-toe scrub town in officially two weeks. … Continue reading

Introducing Blue Sunshine

I have decided to call my wheelchair Blue Sunshine. The seat and back are blue leather, but I chose Blue Sunshine because it reflects my current state and my hope for the future. I am more blue than I expected to be about how tired, sore and slow I am. But I am gaining hope … Continue reading

Practice makes possible

One of the perks of working for the university is one class per semester tuition free. Today was the first meeting of my class. I decided to take advantage of this benefit and enrolled in Anthropology of Women before I knew I would need surgery. I thought it would be a great opportunity to see … Continue reading

New wheels?

We learned our lesson yesterday and when we got to the hospital today Jeremy got me a wheelchair. It was HUGE for me — like the one I used at the airport last week. I know the standard lend-a-chair needs to be one-size-fits-all, but it made it difficult for me to push the wheels. My … Continue reading